Nascat Taylor of Velvet Jewels
Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Brown Classic with White
Sex: Female  
Born: March 27, 2007
Reg.# Pending 
25 Gen IC: 10.97565%
Bred by: Donna Hinton 
Owned by: Roxann and Van Rokicki 
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Nascat Gwydion of Gradach, IC= 9.30835   GC Tribeca Beck Wethers of Cabincoon, 10-04-1998, Brown Cl/wh, 1778-1228095, IC= 6.95678   Tribeca Rudolph Valentino, Green-Eyed White, 1702-1127361   GC Jacobus of Tribeca, 04-21-1994, Gold-Eyed White, 1702-0941467   CH Sohomews Storm King of Kuhnbach, 08-23-1992  
Mihitabelle Belle of Tribeca,  
CH Oldechelsea Lady Gwen of Tribeca, 08-10-1995, Brown Patch Tabby, 1787-1022008   GC Oldechelsea Whimsey, 07-19-1989  
GC Oldechelsea Comet, 03-31-1993  
CH Dajania Dolly Madison of Tribeca, 09-05-1994, Brown Tabby & Wht, 1793-0969290   GC Lawhilcoon Zacharihope, 03-04-1991, Brown Classic, 1792-700001   Walmet Filibuster Brown, 02-10-1988  
CH Katoklix Carolinahope of Lawhilcoon, 07-07-1989  
CH Mysterymain Darla of Dajania, 10-03-1989, Brown Tabby, 1793-0594106   GC,GP Mysterymain Old Bailey's Rumpole, 08-23-1988  
CH Penpaw Miss Marple of Mysterymain, 12-27-1987  
GC Nascat Nicole Kidmaine, Brown Classic/wh, IC= 13.04269   GC,RW Stormwatch Dirtrack Demon of Nascat, DM, 09-29-1993, Br. Mctabby/white, 1792-895402   GC,RW Mckittycreek Donald T of Coonsboro, 04-08-1992, Silver Mctabby/wh, 1792-783225   NW-GP,GC Masteast Jonathan Edwards, DM, 11-11-1990  
GC Masteast Tiger Lily of Mckittycreek, DM, 02-09-1991  
GC Coonsboro Typhoon of Stormwatch, 10-13-1991, Silver Mctabby, 1737M-750313   SGC Calicoon Prince Valiant,  
GC Lushai Jacqui Coonasis of Coonsboro, 08-11-1990  
GC Smokeycoons Katrina, GO! OF NASCAT, 04-07-1999, Brown Classic/wh, 1779-1265419   QGC Luvpaws Maverick of Wyndabbey, Blue/silver/white, 9756-1250613   Capecoon Space Cowboy of Luvpaws,  
Pandomainea Willow of Luvpaws,  
GC Pinecoon Kissme Kate of Smokeycoons, 02-27-1997, Brown Classic/wh, 1779-1160043   GC Pinecoon Buckskin Harry, 08-23-1996  
Willowplace Lindy Hop of Pinecoon,  
Kelimcoons Magic Mile of Nascat, IC= 10.73331   Kelim Coons Happy Harvick, IC= 11.36802   Pawstuctaway Blue Genes of Kelim Coons,   Pawstuctaway Jose Cuervo,   Mymains Red Hot N Rollin of Ambar,  
Pawstuctaway Rosita,  
Pawstuctaway Calamity Jane,   CH Amberkatz Doogan of Pawstuctaway, 03-17-1994  
Pawstuctaway Sophia,  
Kelim Coons Tippi,   Heritagecoons Drew Bledsoe,   Whales Back B Coby of Heritagecoons,  
Heritagecoons Lucille Ball,  
Heritagecoons Lola of Kelim Coons,   Heritagecoons Drew Bledsoe,  
Heritagecoons Mae West,  
Kelim Coons Partly Sunny, IC= 14.41317   Fogcity Striker of Kelim Coons,   Coonoquan Brannan of Fogcity, 07-29-2001,   CH Stormwatch Red Skye At Morning, 10-27-1996  
GC Nascat Porsche of Coonoquan, 05-13-2000  
Fogcity Perfect Storm, 01-19-2002,   IW-SGC Sarajen Jaegermeister, 08-11-1999  
Coonyham Mission Blue of Fogcity, 05-14-2000  
Kelim Coons Delta,   Lacocoon Grt Gatsby of Kelim Coons,   Lacocoon Revolution, 10-06-1999  
Lacocoon Dizzy Mizz Lizzy,  
Coonwyck Jetta of Kelim Coons,   Irishcoons Reiley of Coonwyck,  
Tipsntufts Sandpiper of Coonwyck,