Mainette Signature of Velvet Jewels
Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Brown Classic Tabby and White 
Sex: Female  
Born: March 14th, 2006
Reg.# SBT 031406 
25 Gen IC: 17.71297%
Bred by: D'Nette and Dave Musser 
Owned by: Roxann and Van Rokicki 
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Oldestage Doc Holiday of Mainette, 01-01-2002, Brown Cl Tby/Wh, IC= 17.29698   Blockbuster Ben Sisco, IC= 16.37257   Coonyham Flashfire,   SGC Coonyham Sundance, OS, 04-11-1992, Brown Classic, 1744-771855   SGC Ryanplace K Mart Special, 09-12-1989  
SGC Saintcloud Cheyenne of Coonyham, 08-29-1990  
Cooncreole Mardi Gras of Coonyham, 04-30-1990, Brown Patch Tabby, 1793-0630585   SGC Cinnamaine Tennessee of Cooncreole, 11-15-1987  
CH Cajuncoons Mardi Gras Mambo,  
Hillside Youma,   CH Hillside Debonair Dude,   Hillside Mission Impossible,  
Hillside Thomasina's Tidbit,  
Wynhaven Prairie Rose of Hillside,   SGC Ryanplace Shacado of Wynhaven,  
Hillside Lexy of Wyndhaven, 08-24-1990  
Oldestage Jessie, IC= 16.76254   Oldestage Zeke,   Willowplace Zachary of Oldestage, 07-13-1996, Brown Tabby, 1744-1098918   Hertzmick Vulcan of Willowplace,  
Willowplace Miss Carolina,  
Adventhill Krista of Oldestage, 06-05-1996, Brown Tabby, 1745-1080282   QGC Adventhill Arctic Cat, 06-05-1989  
Ryanplace Dallas of Adventhill,  
Oldestage Annie Oakley,   Capecoon Billy The Kit of Oldestage, Brown Classic/wh,   Capecoon Chuckleberry,  
Capecoon Amelia,  
Katenaicoon Kodiak of Oldestage,   Denalicoon Wickersham,  
Hadakat Northern Dancer,  
Mainette Full Force Gale, 08-11-2002, Silver Classic, IC= 18.30738   IW-SGC Mainlysilver Reed, 06-26-1999, Silver Tabby, 1736-1268235, IC= 19.33733   GC Mainlysilver Gorham, 11-02-1993, Silver Classic, SBT 110293 012   Cowtown Socrates Tc of Mainlysilver, 10-10-1989, Silver Mackerel, 1736M-0706396   IW-SGC Walmet Daniel Coone of Cowtown, 10-22-1983  
GC Cowtown Apatchie Princess, 04-22-1987  
CH Willowplace Goddess of Mainlysilver, 12-26-1990, Brown Mctabby, 1745M-0709987   GC Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace, 04-25-1989  
Willowplace Mt Kineo Magic Star,  
Williamina Narumi of Mainlysilver,   IW-SGC Coonyham Rising Sun of Williamina, Brown Classic/wh,   SGC Coonyham Navarro, 09-06-1993  
Coonyham Bobbie Sox, 03-10-1994  
Cosmicoon Silver Mist of Williamina,   SGC Cosmicoon Silver Bullet, 05-25-1993  
Willowplace Mystique of Cosmicoon, 07-18-1992  
Dorwill Moondance of Mainette, IC= 16.10041   IW-SGC Willowplace Rock N Roll of Dorwill, 07-12-1998, Brown Classic Tby, SBT 071298-005   Megacoon Rocking Cyrus, 04-26-1997, Brown Mackerel, SBT 042697 010   SGC Coonceit Majerle of Koontucky, 04-28-1993  
Koontucky Millicent of Sleepy Haven, 06-10-1995  
Willowplace Party Doll, 09-11-1996, Brown Tabby/white, SBT 091196 019   SGC Masaitana Haut-Brion of Willowplace, 02-23-1995  
Willowplace Dream Shadow, 08-12-1994  
Mainette Sundance of Dorwill,   QGC,RW Willowplace Montana Jo of Mainette, 10-04-1994, Brown Mack, SBT 100494 009   GC Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace, 04-25-1989  
GC Willowplace A Magic Star Is Born,  
Coonalley Achabia of Mainette, 03-14-1998, Br. Cl Torbie/wh, sbt 031498 044   GC Dorwill Raisin Kane of Coonalley, 06-01-1996  
Coonalley Orange Julius,