Velvet Jewels Hairy Monster
 Red Classic Tabby
  Owner: Andrew Katz

Velvet Jewels Legolas of Waterproofs
Brown Classic Tabby
Owner: Sylvia Calzavara-Widmer

**** Please note this cat is in a enclosed area ****


James Bond
Blue Classic Tabby & White
Owners: Jon and Barbara Kron


Rufu$ as a kitten.

Rufu$ as an adult.

Velvet Jewels Rufu$
Brown Classic Tabby
Owner: Magy Watson

Velvet Jewels Daisy
This lovely painting is done by Tim Hagerty. Daisy's human dad!

Velvet Jewels Josie
Brown Classic and White Tabby
Owner: Kellie Swearingen

Velvet Jewels Platinum Edition
Silver Classic with White
Owner: Pam Bloomfield

Velvet Jewels Ed
Red Classic Tabby
Owners: Kristola Family

Velvet Jewels Belle
Blue Classic and White
Owners: Jay and Karen Melville

Velvet Jewels Dexter
Brown Classic Tabby
Owner: Patty Dallman


Velvet Jewels Jaxs are Wild
Red Classic Tabby
Owner: Jason Lieske


Velvet Jewels Mimi
Brown Classic Tabby
Owners: Matthews Family

Velvet Jewels Abigale
Silver Classic Tabby with White
Owners: Bruce and Dianne Krewald

Velvet Jewels Olivia
Owners: Jack and Sue Anderson


Velvet Jewels Lancelot 
Brown Classic Tabby
Owners: Rob and Darrell



Velvet Jewels Baxter &  Velvet Jewels Camden
Brown Classic Tabbies
Owners: Dee Freeman & Claudia Sturner of Wisconsin



Velvet Jewels Buster 
Brown Classic with White
Owners: Jill & John Willems of Minnesota


Velvet Jewels Hannah
Brown Classic with White
Owners: Sue & Jack Anderson of Door County, Wisconsin


Velvet Jewels Harley
Red Classic Tabby
Owners: Bill and Deb Glowacki


Velvet Jewels Willy  and Velvet Jewels Sam 
Red Classic with White and Red Classic Tabby
Owner: Matt Laak



Velvet Jewels Haven
Brown Classic with White
Owner: Judy Shuey


Velvet Jewels Lili
Brown Patched Classic with White
Owner: Allene Kenney



Velvet Jewels Chey-nee
Brown Classic Tabby
Owner: Robert Patnode

Velvet Jewels Riley
Brown Classic Tabby
      Owner: William Glowacki   

Velvet Jewels Tiger and Oliver
Brown Classic Tabby
Owner: Greg and Sharon Schleif

Velvet Jewels Riley B King
Brown Classic Tabby
      Owner: Rick and Debbie Stark


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