Gold Rush at 1 year old

Regional Winner,
 Supreme Grand Champion
 Coonyham Gold Rush of Velvet Jewels

Brown Classic Tabby with White
September 16th, 1998 - 2012

TICA's 1999-2000 Show Season:
14th Best Kitten Great Lakes Region
4th Best Cat Great Lakes Region 
Best Maine Coon in Great Lakes Region
7th Best of Breed Maine Coon Nationally

Gold Rush at 7 years of age


Gold Rush came to us from Laura & Sharon Cunningham of Coonyham Maine Coons. We thank them for letting this beautiful boy grace our home! Gold Rush is as long as long can be -- his body goes on and on. Gold Rush has had many comments made by judges about his beautiful head and clean profile, his heavy boning and structure of his body. He has a wonderful pattern and warm colored coat. Gold Rush loves to play with most anything that he feels is a toy. He loves his furry mice, and likes to bring them to bed. He has to sleep above my head and touch his paw to my cheek; he has claimed one of my pillows for his. We are just in awe of this boy and we love him dearly. It took Gold Rush only 3 1/2 shows to become a Supreme Grand Champion.

Double Grand Champion Coonyham Gold Mine of Velvet Jewels

Brown Classic Tabby with White
Born: March 25, 2007