Tropikoons Maderia of Velvet Jewels
Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Brown Classic Tabby with White 
Sex: Female  
Born: September 30, 2006
Reg.# 1779-1627634
25 Gen IC: 13.05694%
Bred by: Stephanie Boulter 
Owned by: Roxann & Van Rokicki 
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GC Kancoonkats Rahjah of Tropikoons, 10-06-2003, Brown Mackerel Tby, IC= 12.14182   GC,RW Versus Raizo of Kankoonkats, IC= 11.58837   NW-GP Kankoonkats Alexander of Versus,   GC Jayhawkcats Sir Buster T, 06-25-1994, Brown Tabby, 1744-0968371   GC Jayhawkcats Mr Tigger, 07-02-1992  
CH Purricoon Molly of Jayhawkcats, 03-20-1992  
CH Idlemaine Sundae Dream'n, 12-26-1995, Black & White, 1791-1069561   GC Idlemaine Dream Catcher, 12-12-1994  
GC Magicoons Song & Dance of Idlemaine, 09-02-1991  
RW Williamina Anais of Versus, DM, 07-17-1998, Brown Tabby, 1745-1219761   IW-SGC Coonyham Rising Sun of Williamina, Brown Classic/wh,   SGC Coonyham Navarro, 09-06-1993  
Coonyham Bobbie Sox, 03-10-1994  
Coonmora Prima Donna of Williamina,   QGC Capecoon Chunky Monkey of Coonmora,  
Willowplace Diva of Coonmora, 04-16-1990  
CH Katz Domaine Kaydee of Kankoonkats, 1745-1416081, IC= 12.65459   GC Rumford Koby Bryant of Katz Domaine, Brown Classic,   GC,RW Rumford Boxcar Willy, DM, 11-15-1994, Red Classic Tabby, 1740-966538   GC Beauport Jackson Browne of Rumford, 12-16-1991  
CH Oldechelsea Murphy Brown of Rumford, 08-22-1992  
GC Wynhaven Carolina Dreams of Rumford, DM, 04-04-1994, Br. Cl. W/wh, 1793-929024   SGC Coonyham Laredo of Wyndhaven,  
Hillside Lexy of Wyndhaven, 08-24-1990  
GC Katz Domaine Apache,   GC Angtini Calvin John of Swanycoon, DM, 08-07-1993, Red Tabby & White, 1792-0884072   NW-GP,GC Masteast Jonathan Edwards, DM, 11-11-1990  
GC Angtini Sweet Cinnamon Swirl, 08-12-1990  
GC Katz Domaine M8e, 07-04-1996, Brown Mctabby, 1745M-1082357   GC,RW Stormwatch Dirtrack Demon of Nascat, DM, 09-29-1993  
GC Gerlingcat Chloe of Katz Domaine, 06-04-1994  
GC Tropikoons Nani-Loa, 10-31-2003, Brown Cl Tby/wh, IC= 13.25108   GC Mainesuspect Profiler of Tropikoon, Cameo With White, IC= 11.31193   GC Sarajen Bookers Kentucky Straight, 1778-1183539   GC Avicats Figaro of Ailurophile, 07-06-1996, Brown Tabby & Wht, 1792-1082188   GC Ailurophile Zulu of Avicats, 05-22-1993  
CH Avicats Chloe Dancer Doing Time, 07-10-1995  
CH Sarajen Mimosa, 12-12-1994, Brown Tabby, 1745-0975219   CH Sarajen Alabama Slammer, 09-15-1993  
Sarajen Asti Spumanti,  
CH Meowy-Kazowy Emma Peel of Ociopia, 05-02-1996, Silver Patch Tabby, 1759-1084694   Honeycoon Desperado of Meowy-Kazowy, 06-15-1995, Red Tabby & White, 1792-1020272   CH Maximus Saturn of Honeycoon, 06-09-1992  
CH Honeycoon Smokey Goddess,  
Meowy-Kazowy China Blue, 10-06-1994, Blue-Sil Tab & Wht, 1793-0963839   CH Meowy-Kazowy Red Hot Chili Pepper, 09-09-1993  
Colorfield Sweetie Byrd,  
Coonoquan Carrera 924 Gts, 07-29-2001, Smoke Calico, PENDING, IC= 14.82406   CH Stormwatch Red Skye At Morning, 10-27-1996, Red Tabby & White, 1792-1105600   GIC Mt. Kittery Bemis,   CH Hillside Sasquatch of Adventhill, 04-09-1990  
CH Mt. Kittery Perry, 04-30-1990  
CH Angtini Cyclone of Stormwatch, 05-28-1994, Silver Patch Tabby, 1759-0936522   CH Coonsboro Richmaine Petty, 04-10-1993  
GC Angtini Sweet Cinnamon Swirl, 08-12-1990  
GC Nascat Porsche of Coonoquan, 05-13-2000, Brown Classic/wh, 1779-1313527   GC,RW Stormwatch Dirtrack Demon of Nascat, DM, 09-29-1993, Br. Mctabby/white, 1792-895402   GC,RW Mckittycreek Donald T of Coonsboro, 04-08-1992  
GC Coonsboro Typhoon of Stormwatch, 10-13-1991  
GC Coonoquan Daytona 500 of Nascat, Brown Classic/wh, 1779-1234944   GC Avicats Versace of Coonoquan,  
CH Coonoquan Autumn Rain, 09-28-1997