Coonyham Gold Mine of Velvet Jewels
Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Brown Classic with White 
Sex: Male  
Born: March 25, 2007
Reg.# Pending 
25 Gen IC: 15.99035%
Bred by: Laura and Sharon Cunningham 
Owned by: Roxann and Van Rokicki 
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
IW-SGC Coonyham Lone Star, 12-30-1996, Brown Classic/wh, SBT 123096 003, IC= 14.54052   SGC Coonceit Majerle of Koontucky, 04-28-1993, Brown Classic Tabb, 1744-855627, IC= 15.86249   CH Countrycousin John Boy, 07-24-1986, Silver Mctabby, 1736M-353622   Sharmain Sockalexis of Meunerie, Br. Classic/white, 1792-209997   SGC Tanstaafl Druid of Seelieshire, 06-24-1982  
Meunerie Sneakers,  
Nephrani Gilead of Countrycousin, Silver Mctab & Wht, 1793-265228   GC Purricoon Ciao Maine of Nephrani,  
CH Meunerie Harriet Stowe of Nephrani,  
GC Donnahugh Somerset, 12-01-1990, Br. Classic/white, 1793-682650   SGC Mt. Kittery Katahdin of Donnahugh, 05-24-1987, Br Mctabby, 1744-408311   SGC Mt. Kittery Penobscot, 03-05-1986  
SGC Kiskata Quoddy of Mt. Kittery, 09-14-1983  
QdCh Coonmora Damariscotta of Donnahugh, 01-27-1989, Br. Classic Tor/wi, 1759-532521   SGC Pawcatuck Jasper Penryn of Coonmora, 02-06-1985  
QGC Purrocious Ambrelle of Coonmora, 03-05-1983  
CH Wynhaven Dakota of Coonyham, Brown Classic/wh, IC= 14.85744   SGC Ryanplace Shacado of Wynhaven, Br Classic/white, 1792-731183   SGC Mcinkat Headed For The Future, 04-18-1989, Br Mctabby/wh, 1792-546047   SGC Mt. Kittery Katahdin of Donnahugh, 05-24-1987  
QGC Mcinkat Crunchy Granola,  
SGC Ryanplace Rorschach, 09-01-1988, Br Classic Torbie, 1787-544742   SGC Cowtown Jim Dandy of Mainelycat,  
SGC Catpatch Callalily of Ryanplace, 05-27-1987  
Charmalot Patchworkprincess of Wyndhaven, Br. Cl. Torbie W/w, 1759-772363   DbCH Charmalot Sir Galahad, Br. Classic Tabby, 1744-651557   Firerose Ivanhoe of Charmalot,  
Shainsa Lady Juliette of Charmalot, 06-20-1988  
Whistat Dixie Belle of Charmalot, Br. Cl. Torbie W/w, 1793-702830   GC Kanab Luanne Peach Schnapps of Angtini, 04-29-1989  
CH Charmalot Dixie Darlin' of Whistat,  
Coonyham Calistoga, IC= 16.32876   Coonyham Rough Rider, 08-22-1998, Brown Tby/white, 1778-1306309, IC= 16.31874   SGC Coonyham Navarro, 09-06-1993, Brown Classic, 1744-886309   GC Mt. Kittery Carbonero of Emlu, Black, 1708-441064   SGC Mt. Kittery Penobscot, 03-05-1986  
SGC Kiskata Quoddy of Mt. Kittery, 09-14-1983  
SGC Coonyham Santana, 04-11-1992, Brown Classic, 1745-808757   SGC Ryanplace K Mart Special, 09-12-1989  
SGC Saintcloud Cheyenne of Coonyham, 08-29-1990  
DGC Coonyham Trinity, 09-16-1996, Silver Classic/wh, SBT 091696 023   GC St. Valentine Radar Love of Argo, Silver Classic,   Mcinkat Dreamweaver,  
St. Valentine Tiger Lily,  
QGC Cooncreole Evangeline of Coonyham, Brown Classic/wh, 1793-763650   SGC Cooncreole Zydeco, 07-25-1989  
CH Cowtown Once In A Blue Moon, 12-29-1988  
Pinecoon Caliente of Coonyham, IC= 16.40378   QGC Pinecoon Lumberjack, Brown Mackerel/wh,   TGC Pinecoon Phoenix Rising, 10-27-1991, Cameo Tabby, SBT 102791 002   Coonmora Jesse James of Pinecoon, 03-24-1989  
CH Pinecoon Long Tall Sally, 07-09-1990  
Willowplace Lindy Hop of Pinecoon,   GC Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace, 04-25-1989  
Willowplace Lagniappe,  
Pinecoon Hot Patootie,   Coonmora Drambuie,   Coonmora Dark Shadow,  
Coonmora Lilibelle, 01-31-1992  
Luvpaw A Torrid Affair,   Capecoon True Romance of My-Luvpaws,  
Luvpaw Miss Bea Haven,