Cronus Platinum Edition of Velvet Jewels
Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Silver Classic Tabby with White 
Sex: Female 
Born: September 16, 2007
Reg.# Pending 
25 Gen IC: 13.87507%
Bred by: Bonnie Nelson
Owned by: Roxann and Van Rokicki   
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
DGC Tropikoon Barracuda of Cronus, 08-26-2003, Silver Classic/wh, SBT 082603 012, IC= 13.00039   GC Mainesuspect Profiler of Tropikoon, Cameo With White, IC= 11.31193   GC Sarajen Bookers Kentucky Straight, 1778-1183539   GC Avicats Figaro of Ailurophile, 07-06-1996, Brown Tabby & Wht, 1792-1082188   GC Ailurophile Zulu of Avicats, 05-22-1993  
CH Avicats Chloe Dancer Doing Time, 07-10-1995  
CH Sarajen Mimosa, 12-12-1994, Brown Tabby, 1745-0975219   CH Sarajen Alabama Slammer, 09-15-1993  
Sarajen Asti Spumanti,  
CH Meowy-Kazowy Emma Peel of Ociopia, 05-02-1996, Silver Patch Tabby, 1759-1084694   Honeycoon Desperado of Meowy-Kazowy, 06-15-1995, Red Tabby & White, 1792-1020272   CH Maximus Saturn of Honeycoon, 06-09-1992  
CH Honeycoon Smokey Goddess,  
Meowy-Kazowy China Blue, 10-06-1994, Blue-Sil Tab & Wht, 1793-0963839   CH Meowy-Kazowy Red Hot Chili Pepper, 09-09-1993  
Colorfield Sweetie Byrd,  
CH Trills Sub Commander T-Pol, 05-30-2002, Brown Ptch/wh, 1769-1410862, IC= 14.28327   CH Chaudvent P B Floyd, 11-17-1993, Brown Mctab & Wht, 1792-0918808   CH Islandcat Brock of Mainiac, 04-02-1991, Odd-Eyed White, 1704-0726529   Islandcat Buck,  
Islandcat Apache, 02-03-1989  
Chaudvent Two Socks of Napavalley, 08-21-1991, Brown Mctab & Wht, 1793-0737215   CH Mainiac And-Drew of Honeycoon, 07-10-1986  
CH Chaudvent Calveras County,  
GC Trills Jazia Dax,   Tipsntufts Grady of Trills, 09-05-1996, Red Tabby & White, 1792-1104787   CH Mysticoon Wolfwalker of Tipsntufts, 12-19-1994  
CH Kittikop Masquerade of Tipsntufts, 04-05-1995  
Coonoquan Brianna of Trills, 05-15-1997, Brown Classic,   CH Cooneyisle Milk Money of Coonoquan, 05-22-1995  
CH Sarajen Oban Single Malt, 02-19-1996  
Sarafina Trillium of Cronus, 10-11-2004, Brown Cl Torbie/wh, IC= 14.62285   GIC Sarafina Haka, Black, FD LO 98035, IC= 15.79804   Appalacer Bear's Tycoon,   Carlo Kiska,   GIC Mt. Kittery Bemis,  
GIC Cozy Farm Red Ribbon,  
Cozy Farm Hot Cheyenne,   EC Mt. Kittery Cooper,  
Cozy Farm Evil Gossip,  
Sarafina Chickasaw,   CH,INT PR Sarafina Simba,   Clivia Diesel,  
Clivia Betty Blue,  
Abnaki Gimme More,   CH Hillside Beau Diddley,  
Oro Ojos Coonchita,  
GIC Thundercat Wildflower, Brown Ptch Cl Tby, KVB 4071-9-96, IC= 14.89360   EC Cooncreole Tabasco,   IW-SGC Cooncreole Cajun Cowboy, 12-25-1992, Br. Classic W/wh, 1792-746343   SGC Cooncreole Zydeco, 07-25-1989  
CH Cowtown Once In A Blue Moon, 12-29-1988  
TGC Cooncreole Alexandria, 11-01-1991, Brown Torbie,   SGC Cooncreole Crescent City Classic, 04-25-1990  
CH Cajuncoons Mardi Gras Mambo,  
IC Coonyham Tammany,   SGC Coonyham Navarro, 09-06-1993, Brown Classic, 1744-886309   GC Mt. Kittery Carbonero of Emlu,  
SGC Coonyham Santana, 04-11-1992  
TGC Coonquest Cimarron of Coonyham, Brown Classic/wh, 1793-830649   SGC Coonquest Tycoon, 06-06-1991  
DGC Mcinkat Pocoonhontas of Coonquest, OD, 05-05-1986